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The Flying Saucer Dish

Wagyu Beef with a wild mushroom ravioli, morel cream sauce and horseradish mash. Yum. Difficulty Rating: 4/5 Don’t worry about making your own pasta, it’s just a fancy addition.(Next post or two will be a pasta class) I used ribeye here, but use your favourite choice sirloin, fillet or ribeye. Doesn’t obviously have to be […]

Roasted Cod with vanilla butter, spinach mousse and a creme fraiche mash.

Difficulty: 3/5 This impressive looking and sounding dish is actually straight forward. The only tricky bit is not over cooking the mousse. Luckily the thermometer trick lets you know when its done to perfection. Spinach Mousse: 100g spinach/ 2 eggs/ 100ml cream/ s+p. Mash: 500g potatoes( i use rooster)/ 2tbsp creme fraiche/ 1tsp dijon mustard/ […]

Thai Green Curry

Difficulty 1/5 You may ask why bother putting the easiest curry ever on a fine dining blog. One reason is that the previous dish was a tad complicated so i wanted to put an easy one on for you all to have a go. Thai green curries are good, but i have to mention the […]

Herb crusted cod, scallop mousse, carrot puree with chorizo crisps and braised fennel.

Difficulty Rating 4.5/5. We’ll go straight in at the deep end with this one. Hope its not too daunting, just a bit of planning needed. The next one will be an easy Thai Green Curry so stick with it. Apologies about the wonky cutlery on the photo as I didn’t know it was going to […]