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Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream

Difficulty Rating 2/5 Who doesn’t love ice cream? Alot will not eat it though because it is so bad for us. As always in  my blog, I never use full fat everything and always look for slightly healthier alternatives so we can enjoy good food all the time with a lot less guilt. Made to […]

Morel Mushrooms

I was aware of these, but had never tasted them until they turned up on a dish in France a few years back. They were so beautiful in flavour and texture I ate the same the following evening. The rule of thumb now is that if morels are on the menu in any guise whatsoever […]

Chicken Ballotine, salt baked celeriac and potato cakes.

Difficulty Rating 3/5 I had read about salt baked celeriac and was tempted, but like alot of things in life in wasn’t a tad laborious. Making a salt crust with loads of salt, herbs, egg whites. Then i stumbled across a piece in The Independent. Which gave me a much more simple idea with excellent […]

Aubergine, mozzarella and basil salad

This tastes delightful and is so simple to make, but scores lots of brownie points. I’ll try it with a burrata another day and report back. Ingredients: 1 Aubergine, 1 mozzarella ball, left over or any pesto. 1) Cut aubergine into 1cm slices( i chose to salt them for half an hour to give them […]

Wood Pigeon, beetroot puree, venison scotch eggs.

Difficulty Rating 3/5 This is actually a lot easier than it looks, but a lot tastier than it looks too. 2 Wood Pigeons Scotch Eggs: 2 venison sausages/ 3 quail eggs/ tbsp flour/ 1egg/ breadcrumbs Beetroot Puree: 300g cooked beetroot/ 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar/ clove of garlic/ 1tbsp creme fraiche/1 tsp horseradish. Turnip Puree: 3 […]

Fondant Potatoes.

These little delights are nothing more than a big roast potato essentially. Only cooked very differently with numerous connotations. With so many variations on the theme I won’t say what’s gospel, just a few tips I learnt on the way. 1) You need a waxy potato for this one otherwise a floury one will collapse […]

Swordfish with Chimichurri and mango salsa.

Difficulty Rating: 1/5 The chimichurri sauce is one of the great unknowns. It is a very refreshing sauce but has salt, spice and sweetest all in one. It goes brilliantly with fish, steak or chicken. Chimichurri: 1 bunch flat parsley/ 4 garlic cloves/ 3tbsp red wine vinegar/ 6tbsp olive oil/ 1 tbsp finely diced shallot/ 1tsp […]

Tastes of the sea.

Difficulty Rating: 3/5 This dish is probably the best looking plate i’ve managed to produce. We have lightly cured salmon, cod, confit carrots, foams etc. To top it all off a fennel risotto. If you want to really push the boat out add some scallops as shown but they are not necessary. Fish: 2 chunks […]

Chocolate Sorbet

Difficulty Rating: 0.5/5 This is so easy, yet so delicious and almost guilt free. The trick is firstly to get good cocoa powder, I use Green and Blacks. The second most important thing about sorbets is the addition of a whipped egg white. It stops a sorbet being a frozen dense ice cube essentially, and […]

Truffle Honey

I thought i’d kick off a new thread on the blog entitled Foodie Finds. These are all the things you find in good delis and wonder what on earth to do with. Or just to tell you about something so spectacularly good I have to pass it on. The first is truffle honey. Now wife […]