Roast Chicken, Aubergine Caviar with a Red Wine and Anise Jus.

Difficulty Rating: 2/5

This dish is a fantastic dish for dinner parties as it can be prepared well ahead. The sauce also works brilliantly with white fish. Serve with your choice starch option.

Red Wine Sauce: 375ml red wine/ clove garlic/ sprig of thyme/ 1 large shallot/ 1 star anise/ 1tsp sugar/250ml beef stock/ knob of butter.

Aubergine Caviar: 1 large aubergine/ extra virgin olive oil/ 1 head of garlic.

Chicken: 2 chicken supremes, skin on.

Celeriac: 1 celeriac cut into large even cubes.


Oven 190c

1) Cut aubergines in half, drizzle with oil, add thyme and wrap in foil. Place in oven for 30-40mins until completely soft. If not when you blend the aubergine the slightly underdone portion leaves a bitter taste. Along side the aubergine, split head of garlic in half, wrap in foil and put along side for 15-20mins until soft too.

2) Scrape out the very soft aubergine and place in blender along with the roasted garlic(all of it). Add a couple of spoonfuls of oil and blitz. If it is too thick add a splash more oil. Season with salt and pepper, a touch of paprika gives an excellent dimension to the puree too. Set aside until needed.

3) For the sauce add all the ingredients except beef stock and butter. Along with any spare veg trimmings, carrot ends are excellent. Reduce liquid by two thirds, then add beef stock and reduce by a third. Check seasonsing, then pass through a sieve. Just before serving reheat and slowly add butter to thicken slightly and give the glossy sheen as above.

4) Now season chicken, fry skin side down to get some colour to it. Then place in the 190c oven for 10-12mins depending on size. 10mins for average, a little bit more if bigger. If you have the magic thermometer. Take it out at 55c and let it rest for 10mins.

5) In the meantime, add a knob of butter and oil to a pan and add the celeriac cubes. Colour on each side for about 1-2 mins then once coloured all over, cover and give them 5 mins to cook through.

6) To plate up, put a neat circle of sauce in the middle of the plate, put chicken in centre. Then decorate with the celeriac and quenelles of the caviar. I served this with some sauteed potatoes on the side.

Critics View:

A superbly balanced dish. The caviar being a moreish puree complementing the chicken and the sauce. The celeriac was a first for me and would recommend it to anyone. The anise jus was excellent and would be fit for many plates.

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2 responses to “Roast Chicken, Aubergine Caviar with a Red Wine and Anise Jus.”

  1. Kiri W. says :

    What a gorgeous dish 🙂 i would adore this, the jus sounds amazing.

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