Fondant Potatoes.

These little delights are nothing more than a big roast potato essentially. Only cooked very differently with numerous connotations. With so many variations on the theme I won’t say what’s gospel, just a few tips I learnt on the way.

1) You need a waxy potato for this one otherwise a floury one will collapse during cooking.

2) Don’t cut them bigger than an inch thick or they won’t cook in the centre and the outsides will be falling apart.

3) With a veg peeler you need to take the sharp edge of the potato off, otherwise this always sticks to the pan and you end up breaking the potato when you try to turn them over.

Large waxy potatoes(peeled and cut into 1in slices/ 75g butter(duck fat)/ 50ml oil/ flavouring herbs, garlic/ chicken stock to cover. Heavy based pan with a tight fitting lid.

1. Melt fat in pan, add flavourings and potatoes. On a medium high heat don’t touch the potatoes and brown, about 5 mins.

2. Remove flavourings, turn potatoes over. Add stock until it comes to the top of your biggest potato. Fit lid, put on a medium heat and leave for 25mins. After that time, test potatoes with a sharp knife. Probably need lid to be put on for another 5mins.

3. If cooking these ahead remove after 20mins, then reheat in an 180c oven for 20 mins when serving. They are good for a couple of days in the fridge.

4. Just before serving they need a tiny amount of seasoning.

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3 responses to “Fondant Potatoes.”

  1. tkwblog says :

    Sometimes simple recipes are divine. My friend Beverly used to make these all the time, I haven’t had them since she last prepared them for me….I have waxy potatoes in my bin, guess it’s high time I make my own.

    • a320b757 says :

      They can be a nightmare if cut too thick, but well worth the effort. I actually prefer to make ahead then reheat in the oven at 180c for 15-20 mins to get them really crispy.

  2. Amber says :

    These potatoes look so fantastic and delicious! I’ve never had them prepared like this. I will definitely be giving this recipe a try at some point!

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