Crab on an Avocado Puree served with a Red Gazpacho Sorbet and White Gazpacho accents.

I have created this especially for an Easyjet competition. Please send me to Barcelona!

Difficulty Rating: 2/5

This was made for a competition. I had to make an original Tapas recipe. So we have an avocado mousse topped with dressed crab, all wrapped in a griddled courgette. Accompanied by a white gazpacho and original gazpacho sorbet.

Gazpacho Sorbet: 5 big tomatoes/ 1 red pepper/ half a cucumber/ 2 cloves of garlic/ half an onion/ 50ml olive oil/ 4 basil leaves/ 1tbsp sherry vinegar+ 40g sugar 2tbsp sherry vinegar.

White Gazpacho: 70g sourdough bread/ 1/4 cucumber/ 50g almonds/ 125ml water/125g grapes/120ml natural yoghurt/ 1 head roasted garlic/ salt and sherry vinegar.

Avocado Puree: 1 Avocado/1/2 lime/ 1tbsp natural yoghurt or creme fraiche.

Crab: 1 tin white crab meat/ 3tbsp brown crabmeat or more white if not available/ 1/2 lemon/ 3tbsp mayonnaise/ 1tsp paprika.

Courgette: 1 courgette.

1) Put all the sorbet ingredients apart from the last two into a food processor and blitz. Cover and leave overnight in fridge to infuse. The next day, strain. Heat sugar until it begins to colour, remove from heat and add vinegar. Then add this to gazpacho juice. Churn in ice cream maker, or freezer proof tub.

2) For the white gazpacho, do the same again. Season with salt and white pepper.  I then put this in a squeezy bottle for presentation purposes. If it’s a bit thin, heat and thicken with a tsp of cornflour, then cool again.

3) Combine all the ingredients for the avocado and crush with a fork until smooth.

4) Mix all the ingredients for the crab together, season with the lemon and paprika while you taste. Then add some pepper, no salt.

5) With a veg peeler create some ribbons of courgette, griidle on one side until the bar marks come through. They are now cooked.

To assemble, I lined a 10cm chef’s ring with the courgette. Placed a layer of avocado on the bottom then topped with the crab. Put in fridge for 30mins. To help remove ring heat with a blow torch. Then pipe white gazpacho around and top with a quenelle of the red gazpacho.

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9 responses to “Crab on an Avocado Puree served with a Red Gazpacho Sorbet and White Gazpacho accents.”

  1. Mango Ginger says :

    Looks like a winner to me!

  2. Beckie says :

    Oh my word that looks amazing! Such a good idea!

  3. dianeskitchentable says :

    Well this has just about everything I love. How did you ever come up with the combination though? And difficulty is only a 2 out of 5, really?

  4. David Crichton says :

    Hi Diane, it is quite easy as both Gazpachos are just a load of ingredients blended together. The filling again is an assembly job. The only cooking is griddling the courgette. I should pretend its really difficult and took all day to prepare shouldn’t I?

  5. dianeskitchentable says :

    Nah… then lazy people like me would take one look at it & say “I could never make that!” Although I must admit if you ever want a taste tester I’ll volunteer. Although there should be some way to give yourself a pat on the back without scaring people off from trying.

  6. David Crichton says :

    I hope my recipes don’t scare people off. The idea is that I just make things up off the top of my head and put them together at home. I’ve got absolutely no chef training or special equipment behind me. Hopefully just following the instructions should yield similar results. I dare say a lot of people could probably present and take better photos than me too.

    Thanks Diane.

  7. saffronandhoney says :

    Wonderful presentation, David, and that sorbet must taste great.

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