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Polenta Chips.

Firstly, I have to admit that chips are my vice.  Pretty much like most people’s chocolate.  If I find any in arms length they have to be eaten.  The rules are simple, just cooler than mouth burning temperature, but hot enough to make the vinegar rapidly evaporate to enhance the flavours.  I’m also fastidious like […]

Morel Mushrooms

I was aware of these, but had never tasted them until they turned up on a dish in France a few years back. They were so beautiful in flavour and texture I ate the same the following evening. The rule of thumb now is that if morels are on the menu in any guise whatsoever […]

Truffle Honey

I thought i’d kick off a new thread on the blog entitled Foodie Finds. These are all the things you find in good delis and wonder what on earth to do with. Or just to tell you about something so spectacularly good I have to pass it on. The first is truffle honey. Now wife […]