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Miso marinated Pork, sweet and sour Aubergines with a Miso Foam.

I think its fair to say, a simple but unusual marinade can transform the simplest of meats into a mouth watering centre piece. I found from the supermarket miso paste in a jar. It was brown miso. I don’t know a great deal about them but its all I could find. I tasted it, as […]

Meat Fruit

I decided to give a Heston classic a go at home. Obviously it’s not just a big Orange! A chicken liver parfait encased in an orange jelly, which acts as the balance to the rich but moreish parfait. It does take some time to make. but for a special occasion it will certainly be worth […]

Pork Fillet,Sage and Onion Pesto, Smoked almonds.

This dish has a great visual impact but is very straight forward. There are numerous variations on the pesto, mash and purée to tailor make it to your preferences. Plus it can all be made in advance with just the pork left to cook at the last minute. I actually brined the fillet for one […]

Rose Infused Polenta Cake, Pistachio Ice Cream.

Ok, ok so I didn’t make another cake especially, but transformed another half of the polenta cake I had made a few days earlier. This time I made a rose syrup to moisten the cake even more, sat it on a pomegranate molasses syrup and topped with pistachio ice cream. If only there were some […]

Sake marinated Tuna, Tempura, Harusame Aubergine and Nam Prik.

After all the standard food I like to cook, I do crave some spice from time to time. Thai and Japanese being my favourites. Today I tried to mix my favourite things from Yo Sushi and turn them into a restaurant standard meal. Marinated rare tuna to resemble sashimi, sushi rice obviously, marinated grilled aubergines, […]

Chicken Liver Parfait Brulee.

Normally you have toast and chutney with any chicken liver pate. Unfortunately we are gluten-free in the house at the moment so I wondered how I could create the missing crunch from the bread. The brulee was the answer, it was understandably very sweet so complemented beautifully with the sour marmalade. It’s actually very easy […]

Orange Polenta Cake with Ricotta and Honey ice cream

This delightful little orange syrup drenched cake is a hit at any time of day. The fairly sweet cake is matched with a less sweet almost cheescake taste of the ricotta ice cream. Plus the ice cream is simple to make. I married it together with a basil and mint syrup. Dificulty 2/5 Cake:  200g […]

Posh Roast Lamb Dinner

Lamb and mint are a match made in heaven. I made some fresh mint jellies, so when served as little cubes just give a nice hit of mint to complement the lamb. I made some little duck bonbons, the day before I just roasted two duck legs, kept the fat for the fondants then used […]

Polenta Chips.

Firstly, I have to admit that chips are my vice.  Pretty much like most people’s chocolate.  If I find any in arms length they have to be eaten.  The rules are simple, just cooler than mouth burning temperature, but hot enough to make the vinegar rapidly evaporate to enhance the flavours.  I’m also fastidious like […]

Sea Trout served with Crab Beignets and Grapefruit Sabayon.

There seems to be a lot going on here, but most of the prep can be done ahead of time. The beignets are basically a flavoured choux pastry dough, which is then just fried. As the eggs heat up they expand and the beignets grow into light pillows with hopefully a nice burst of the […]