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Meat Fruit

I decided to give a Heston classic a go at home. Obviously it’s not just a big Orange! A chicken liver parfait encased in an orange jelly, which acts as the balance to the rich but moreish parfait. It does take some time to make. but for a special occasion it will certainly be worth […]

Chicken Liver Parfait Brulee.

Normally you have toast and chutney with any chicken liver pate. Unfortunately we are gluten-free in the house at the moment so I wondered how I could create the missing crunch from the bread. The brulee was the answer, it was understandably very sweet so complemented beautifully with the sour marmalade. It’s actually very easy […]

Savoury Macarons.

Everyone loves a macaron(a macaroon is the coconut one). Once bitten forever smitten I believe. But I thought you must be able to make these savoury and sugar-free. After a bit of research I couldn’t find the scientific reason why you have to add the sugar to meringue to get the desired effect. A crispy […]

Crab on an Avocado Puree served with a Red Gazpacho Sorbet and White Gazpacho accents.

I have created this especially for an Easyjet competition. Please send me to Barcelona! Difficulty Rating: 2/5 This was made for a competition. I had to make an original Tapas recipe. So we have an avocado mousse topped with dressed crab, all wrapped in a griddled courgette. Accompanied by a white gazpacho and original gazpacho […]

Aubergine, mozzarella and basil salad

This tastes delightful and is so simple to make, but scores lots of brownie points. I’ll try it with a burrata another day and report back. Ingredients: 1 Aubergine, 1 mozzarella ball, left over or any pesto. 1) Cut aubergine into 1cm slices( i chose to salt them for half an hour to give them […]