Posh Roast Lamb Dinner

Lamb and mint are a match made in heaven. I made some fresh mint jellies, so when served as little cubes just give a nice hit of mint to complement the lamb. I made some little duck bonbons, the day before I just roasted two duck legs, kept the fat for the fondants then used […]

Polenta Chips.

Firstly, I have to admit that chips are my vice.  Pretty much like most people’s chocolate.  If I find any in arms length they have to be eaten.  The rules are simple, just cooler than mouth burning temperature, but hot enough to make the vinegar rapidly evaporate to enhance the flavours.  I’m also fastidious like […]

Sea Trout served with Crab Beignets and Grapefruit Sabayon.

There seems to be a lot going on here, but most of the prep can be done ahead of time. The beignets are basically a flavoured choux pastry dough, which is then just fried. As the eggs heat up they expand and the beignets grow into light pillows with hopefully a nice burst of the […]

Butternut Squash Ice Cream with Pumpkin Seed Praline.

I can’t quite believe it myself. The ice cream was good, I made it slightly less sweet than normal, as to balance the praline. The praline though is an a taste sensation, the bacony scent of pumpkin seeds, with a touch of salt gave an incredible sweet/salty balance. If nothing else I thoroughly recommend trying […]

Seafood Heaven.

If you ever want to make a decent sauce for fish that isn’t parsley, try this. It is supposed to have mussels in it, with the mussel juice adding to the sauce. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any fresh! It doesn’t make too much difference, but adds another layer to the sauce and another fish (mollusc)to […]

Lemongrass, ginger and coconut ice cream.

Apart from having sensitive teeth, I believe everyone loves ice cream. So I will continue making some more interesting ones that you can’t buy in the shops. Standby for Butternut Squash with pumpkin seed praline next week. I have been meaning to use coconut milk in ice cream for ages, as it’s already sweet it […]

Guinea Fowl 3 ways, Bulghar wheat and Pomegranate jelly.

I was going to do another chicken dish, but saw the guinea fowl and was so inspired I used it all. Deboned and stuffed the legs, marinated breast with skin crisps. Another unusual step was to use bulghar wheat rather than rice. It is an amazing grain, much better than couscous or quinoa. Difficulty 3/5 […]

Savoury Macarons.

Everyone loves a macaron(a macaroon is the coconut one). Once bitten forever smitten I believe. But I thought you must be able to make these savoury and sugar-free. After a bit of research I couldn’t find the scientific reason why you have to add the sugar to meringue to get the desired effect. A crispy […]

Japanese Style Fillet Steak.

I thought how could I have my standard beef fillet but make it interesting. The answer lay in my Japanese spices and flavourings. Served here with a pumpkin korroke, wasabi butter and harusame sauce. You can replace peas with Edamame beans if you can find them. Difficulty 4/5. 2 Fillet Steaks Wasabi Butter: 50g butter, […]

Fish and Spiced Chips with a Harissa Tahini dressing.

I rustled this one up for a mid-week supper. Rather than do ordinary chips, veg, dressing I decided to go with a Middle Eastern theme. I basically made roast chips, salted the aubergine to enhance the flavour and to marry all the spices together made a standard tahini dressing with the addition of  some Harissa. […]